Cat In The Hat Game I Can Do That


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I Can Do That! Is for kids ages four through eight and is designed for two to four players, making this an ideal family game.
Innovative Game Gets Kids Moving
This is not your traditional board game. I Can Do That! comes with imaginative props inspired by the classic children's book The Cat In the Hat by Dr. Seuss, as well as a deck of color-coded cards that provide funny, challenging activities.

To start, a player picks one of each of the three color cards. Taken together, the cards create a fun and funny activity the player is challenged to do. For example, Card 1 could read "Take Four Giant Steps," Card 2 "With the Cake," and Card 3 "On your head!" Each card also has one, two, or three stars on it for score keeping purposes. If the player wants to take the challenge, he says "I can do that!" and proceeds. If he succeeds, he keeps the cards in his own scoring pile. If he doesn't think he can do the activity, he can re-draw until he gets an activity that he can do. But watch out: if he draws a "Stop!" card, he must give up his cards and end his turn. The player with the most stars in the scoring pile wins the game.

Ages 4+

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